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Caption Contributions.

a bull in an odd situation


OK, the petrol is on the wood. Now, where did I put the matches?  Jachin.

It's a worry when bulls develop a nesting instinct...  Jachin.

It was going to be a shed until I found that I couldn't hold the hammer...  Jachin.

Now, what did Mum say about frying pans and fires?  Jachin.

Live Barbecue.  Mike & Helen.

Now, how does a cat do it? Turn three times widdershins? Or is it three times sun-wise?  Bob.

The Angus Inquisition prepares to burn another heathen...  Fran.

"34 days and 33 nights and Countin'."  Natalie.

This Ark doesn't look finished yet Stephan!  Sue.

Cowabarbeque!  Hannah.

Maybe if I sit here long enough I will get little pretty ducklings too!  Hannah.

Yes we still burn witches up here in the North.  Steve.

Raft’s good to go. Let it rain!  Natalie.

Where did that pesky little heifer go?  Stephan.

Dad said that if you rub 2 sticks together, it makes a loverley warm fire.  Mike.

I know I left it in here somewhere.  Ruth.

Oh, she's hiding again!  Ruth.

I think we should call him Guy.  Keep 'em coming.

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