The Cow Families in April 2013.
table of numbers

The background colours are not significant, there only to mark the family groups.  The pedigree families are on the top line, the commercial families below.

Bulls are marked in red, cattle no longer here in italics (only those with decendants still here are listed).   Cattle still on the farm are in bold.

The greens and pinky-red highlights in 46's family are Neospora test results which I'm still trying to figure out - a negative (green) test for 416 should not produce a positive (red) result in daughter 545.  I tested another calf of 545's and she was negative.  That all makes no sense.  I hope my twins are not infected.

Irene 698's immediate family looks small, but nearly all of the animals in the bottom three lines of the table are her grand and great-grand progeny.

I realise I've missed a couple of cows off - grey 639 and her cousin, 634, aren't there; both are members of the 43 family and both are on the cull list this year, without any progeny remaining here.

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