719 postmortem
Two-year-old first-time calver, six weeks after calving.
21 Oct
11pm began labour
22 Oct
1.30am two feet and nose presented
6.45am no further progress, wobbly on left leg, nerve problem?
7.30am calf pulled (relatively easily while standing, with carefully applied calving chains and handles)
8.50am calf observed feeding
11am 719 contracting to expel afterbirth
2pm half membranes dropped off, no notes on rest, but think all came out

24 Oct
7pm violently stamping rear feet, lots of tail movement
11.15pm wobbly when stood, presumed nerve paralysis still, feeding calf ok
11.45pm grazing quietly
25 Oct
8am sitting, looking a bit down, but then up grazing normally
26 Oct
3pm udder unusually slack, leaking a little urine, suspect quite unwell, although no other obvious signs; where she'd been lying the clover leaves rapidly turned black and there was a strong ammonia smell
vet dispensed Excede LA and Loxicom (pain relief) on phone consultation
27 Oct
grazing and behaving reasonably normally, although still somewhat depressed
28 Oct
calf running around again, obviously being better fed again
1 Nov
second dose Excede LA, since recovery seemed slow

Generally seemed in health other than being very thin. Calf weighed and growing at 1.3kg/day, presumed heifer putting everything into milk production while still in recovery.

25 Nov
4.30pm wouldn't move when others shifted, standing stamping rear feet
vet examined, found a little pus in vagina, palpated uterus, said could not feel bladder because of uterine adhesions, administered Bivatop and Loxicom. Diagnosis: post-calving metritis, cystitis (overflow), adhesionson uterus +/- peritonitis, temp 39.3°, some paralysis hind limbs and maybe bladder.
No obvious response to treatment over next two days. Occasional drinking, minor occasional interest in grass.
27 Nov
Consulted vet again, suggested gave second provided dose of Bivatop, reassess 24-48 hrs
28 Nov
seemed slightly improved, at least no worse
29 Nov
more dehydrated, but still occasionally drinking a little, nibbling a little feed, if not worse, no improvement
30 Nov
early afternoon shot her.

Below are the pictures of her innards.

High pressure stream of clear, straw-coloured fluid from the abdomenal cavity

Membrane colour looks quite wrong

Lots of fluid pooled everywhere

Some parts looked normal, others lots of pus and bruised appearance

Bladder, looking dreadful colour

Inside bladder

Adhesions? on outside of bladder

Urethra cut open to the left, leading to dark matter attached to inside wall at centre
Kidneys appeared healthy

Uterus appeared intact. Left horn lost in adhesions?

Left horn (cut half way to insert finger to ensure end was somewhere in the mess)

Right horn external bruising and adhesion

Inside no obvious damage below that bruise. Looks like calf was here.

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