The Cow Families in June 2015.
table of numbers

The background colours are not significant, differentiating only the family groups.  The pedigree families are in the top table, the commercial families below.

Bulls are marked in red with the number of their live descendents shown in brackets; cattle no longer here are in italics (only those with decendants still here are listed).   Cattle still on the farm are in bold.

(The greens and pinky-red highlights in 46's family are Neospora test results which I'm now treating as test irregularities, but have left in my table in case I need them later.)

While adding the bull information it occurred to me that Bertrand 01 was not included, because I drew up the table initially to trace maternal families only and Lindertis of Maunu only produced sons.

The tables do not scale for mobile devices, since they would presumably become unreadable.

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