Cattle FOR SALE.

The cattle on The Farm in Diggers Valley are composed of a breeding herd of up to 40 cows, of which about a third are purebred Angus.  The "commercial" or cross-bred cattle originated from mainly dairy-cross cows, of which only those which produced the best calves were kept.  We have been performance monitoring since early 1996 and calf growth-rates from birth to weaning at around six months, now average 1.1kg/day.  Weaner heifers retained in the herd reach good mating weights (we use 330kg as a minimum weight) by the following year to enable calving as two-year-olds.

Cattle for sale in each year include all commercial male calves (all steered), most of the commercial heifer calves, occasionally some pregnant mixed-age cows (as we make room for replacement heifers in the herd) and any cows which failed to get in calf during the mating period.

The purebred Angus bulls are sold as yearlings, from June onwards.