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The Competition Page 2005

There are three parts to this page: Isla's Calving Date Competition, which is the bit which might win you a prize, then just for fun, if you'd like to join in, an opportunity to guess what Ivy will produce this year.  The last section of the page allows you to vote for the prize which will go to the winner this year.

You can send parts of the form in separately, as long as you fill in your name each time, but you may enter the calving-date parts only once each per person.  You may enter from anywhere in the world.

Only your first name and location will be published on this website; email addresses will only be used for contact in regard to this competition: we never pass them on to anyone else!


The usual gestation period for cattle is 275 - 290 days (39 weeks and two days - 41 weeks and three days) and Isla was inseminated with the semen of Te Mania Unlimited on 26 January and 3 February this year and I have no idea which of those two heats was the real one.  Her first calf, Abigail, was born at 272 days, her second, Amelia, at 282 days, her third, Arran, at 280 days and her fourth, Aidan, also at 280 days.

Your Name:

Your Location:

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When will Isla calve?


The Isla's Calving Date Competition closes at midnight New Zealand time on 25 October 2005.

What will Ivy produce?

Isla's mother, Ivy, was inseminated on the 15th and 23rd of January this year (another cow with a double heat!) with the semen of Ace 989 of Turiroa.  Whenever she's had a single calf here, it has been born at 40 weeks (280 days).  The two sets of twins were born nine and fifteen days earlier than that - both gestation periods shorter than the norm for cattle.

Click in the little white space next to your choice from the list, and enter your calving-date guess.  This part is just for fun, to see if any of us gets it right!

one bull
one heifer
one bull, one heifer
two bulls
two heifers
Ivy's calving date:

The deadline for entries for this part has been extended: you may enter until Ivy actually calves.

Vote for The Prize!

Vote for which prize will be awarded to this year's winner of the Isla's Calving Date Competition: click in the little white space next to your favourite from the list, or suggest something else - which may be added to the list.

a 2006 calendar featuring the stars of The Farm in Diggers Valley
a weekend for two on the farm*
Stephan for a day* **
a piece of hand-crafted wood-turning
a hand-knitted woolly hat
Your suggestion? 

* Transport costs to be covered by the winner of the prize.
** There may be some personal restrictions on the tasks Stephan is willing to perform!

The most popular prize will be the one awarded to the winner of the Isla Calving Date Competition.  No prize may be exchanged for cash.  You're not paying a fee to enter, so remember, this is all just a bit of fun!

Before you click SEND, have you filled in your name and email address?

If for any reason you are unable to use this form, you may email your entry directly to contact@diggersvalley.co.nz.

After you press SEND, you'll see the results page - if not, try refreshing the error page.  I'll send a confirmation message within 24 hours of your entry being received.

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