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The Competition 2005 Results Page


Isla has calved: a bull, on Tuesday 8 November!

9 October Meryl from Auckland.
12 October Hannah from The Netherlands (2.15pm)
25 October Kevin from Titoki;
28 October Brenda from Waikato (pm);
31 October Kim from Wellington (3pm); Bren from Waikato; Iphigenie from Auckland;
1 November Fran from Opiki; Iain from Canada;
2 November Sue from Ohau;
3 November Nicola from Wellington; Natalie from Papakura; Jude from Auckland; Jon from Auckland;
5 November Lynn from Paparore;
6 November Shelley from Auckland;
7 November Joyce from Ohio, USA;
8 November Mike from Kaitaia (noon);
9 November Ruth from Diggers Valley;
10 November Mike and Helen from Collingwood; Lesley from Oamaru;
12 November Rebeca from Spain.

What will Ivy produce?

one bull 15 October, Iain from Canada; 18 October, Natalie from Papakura; 20 October, Kevin from Titoki; 22 October, Sue from Ohau; 23 October, Shelley from Auckland; 28 December, Iphigenie from Auckland;
one heifer 9 October, Meryl from Auckland; 20 October, Fran from Opiki & Rebeca from Spain; 23 October, Mike and Helen from Collingwood; 24 October, Mike from Kaitaia; 27 October, Jon from Auckland; 30 October, Nicola from Wellington & Lesley from Oamaru; 3 November, Jude from Auckland; 1 February 2006! Lynn from Paparore;
one bull, one heifer 18 October, Kim from Wellington; 23 October, Bren from Waikato;
two bulls 25 October, Ruth from Diggers Valley;
two heifers 19 October, Joyce from Ohio, USA; 20 October, Brenda from Waikato; 26 October, Hannah from The Netherlands.

Votes for The Prize:

Calendar 6
Farm-stay 4
Stephan's labour 4
wood-turning 4
woolly hat 3
other suggestions: "named after me"


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