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About this Site

This site is the result of our desire to put some of our world on-line.  We live in an amazing place, and whilst we do some very ordinary things from our point of view, we are aware that more people now than ever before have little contact with rural life.  We have a desire to share what we have in terms of its beauty and relative isolation, with people who would enjoy it but may not know how to access such a place.  We hope that many may virtually visit it via this site and that some might also do the real thing sometime.  If you'd like to visit, please email us.

The pictures are all taken by us or people we know, unless otherwise stated.  If you wish to copy them for your personal use, please feel free, but it would be nice if you sent us a message to let us know you've done so.  If you want to use the images for any other purpose, please contact us first.

Ruth Renner, July 2004.

The site is a mix of personal recording of events (especially the "This Week" updates), and, I hope, some useful educational content.
I have gone for the 'gruesome closeup' when interesting things are happening, so that others who may be unfamiliar with processes like the birth of animals, can see what ordinarily might happen, or in some cases, what can go wrong.

We welcome feedback and requests and can be contacted by filling in the questionnaire or by email.

Further down this page is a site map with links to most of the pages in this site, with some description of their content.  There are a few other pages scattered about, which you may find in your travels.

NOTE: Any underlined words in this site, should take you to the link they obviously indicate, or in the case of particular terms associated with aspects of farming, they will link to the glossary.  In many cases, if you "hover" your mouse pointer over the link, a label will appear providing more detail about the link's destination.
Links to external sites will open in a new window.

Site Map
   Far North Sites  Links Information about the Far North.
  Photographs from around the area, from Cape Reinga south.        
 This Week Index  Questionnaire Your opportunity to tell us what you think.
 Crafts The "Home Industry" page.
 Weekly Updates The area of the site which is most frequently (weekly, more or less) updated.  We hope you'll visit often.
 Birds Index  Chickens Some of the breeds of chickens on our farm.
 Other Poultry Various birds who have lived here, from time to time.
 Wild Birds Birds seen around the farm.
 Pukeko The Pukeko - a wonderful bird.
 Ms Duck Ms Duck's own picture page.
 Virago Stud

A short history of the Virago Stud operation.
 Original Cows Cows bought from other studs.
 Virago Heifers Heifers born to the stud.
 Virago Bulls Bulls born to the stud.
HOME   Pedigrees Pedigree information of all the stud cattle.
 Cattle Index  #3 Calving, 2001 The birth of a calf.
 #32 Calving, 2002 A closer look at a calf's birth, with a twist.
 Onix Files Onix, owned by Issa, has her own page, with a link to her first calf's birth.
 Isla Isla, favoured stud cow, has her own page.
 Ordinary Cattle Some information about the 'commercial' herd.
 Site Index Links to cattle information in the weekly updates.
 Other Links Links to external sites relating to cattle and farming.
 Sheep  Damian My first lamb!.
 Pedicure Foot trimming demonstration.
 Lamb Stories The lambs of 1999.
 Around the Farm  Farm Views Picturesque views.
 Trees Local native trees.
 Works in Progress Ongoing projects.

The Glossary is accessible from many pages where particular words may need explanation.


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